Fund Your Perfect Life

The Purpose of Real Estate is to Fund the Perfect Life! At 14 Moves, we take this to heart, it’s why we do what we do. What do you want real estate for fund for you?

More time with family?

Ability to go on vacation?

Pay off debt?

Save for College?

Dream first. Set goals. Put together a plan to get you what you want.

“Love your family, work super hard, live your passion.”
– Gary Vaynerchuk

“a different result requires doing something different.”
― Gary Keller, The ONE Thing

Life Counter-Balance

What do you see if your ideal work & life balance?

How does that vision change knowing you have a team of high-functioning:

  • Sales staff that can step in and cover appointments or showings as needed when you’re off
  • Client managers that will follow-up with leads, keep in touch with your clients, and set appointments for you based on your availability you set
  • Administrative staff that handle all the logistics and backend to keep things on track towards the deadlines set

AND…..these are all people that are already hired and trained by our team at HQ or by your franchisee, which allows you to step in and focus on the few key things that will bring you success.

Do What You Love

When you love what you do, you operate from passion, which is the highest level of energy. Passion is contagious.

Clients are drawn to passion and talent loves to operate in passion. Passion, with habits, and dedication, will lead to mastery faster.

By doing this, we will change the real estate industry at it’s core, from one of part-time, amateur-level service, to one of mastery-level service, by full-time professionals, who each specialize in one part of the real estate process.