Unlimited Earnings Potential

Did you know the “average” agent only sells 5.4 houses per year? It’s shocking to most people. And do you know why they only sell 5.4 houses per year? Because they only make about 45 live contacts per month!

In contrast, with 14 Moves, you’ll be making 400+ live contacts per month. That’s how you close 4+ homes per month. There’s no secret sauce, it’s about committing to the live contacts on a consistent, daily basis.

Potential Income




Live Contacts/Day




Wealth Building

What you get at 14 Moves & Keller Williams is so much more than just “what can I earn on this transaction?” or “How much did I make this year?”.

We want to make sure that you are taking a wholistic and long-term approach to building wealth year over year, and creating multiple streams of income. This will provide you freedom down the road, and the potential to build a legacy for future generations.

Unlimited Growth Opportunities

Because we exist within Keller Williams, there are multiple career paths that can be taken. The graphics below allow you to see what options are out there for a potential career path both within Keller Williams and within 14 Moves:

Unlimited Opportunities Worldwide

For many, just the opportunities with North America alone would be enough, yet that’s not all!

Keller Williams and 14 Moves opportunities exist all over the world. Each year Keller Williams adds more and more countries to its’ fold, and 14 Moves can exist inside of those territories as well!