14 Moves: Taking What Works Today & Adding It To Sound Foundation

With 40 years in real estate industry, and more than 3,000 real estate transactions under our belt, you know our team can give you the support and knowledge to succeed.

Originally started by Barb and Doug Goerss in Forest Lake, MN, their son Sean Goerss, has taken the foundation the business was built on, and scaled it to work in markets all across the United States.

With more than 150 years of combined experience that is put to use every day, you can benefit from the lessons learned, time-tested best practices, and support to give your real estate career the boost that it needs to get you to the next level.

Do you know someone that has continued to work in the industry through multiple collapses, and is still around? We’ve learned how to pivot, adapt the business model, and still survive another day.

While lots of things have changed, and new things have come and gone, there are still foundational principals that hold true today. We take the best of the new and add them to the foundation of what has worked consistently over time, leaving you with the confidence to know we’ve been there, and done that.

Want The "Recipe" For Success In Real Estate? Here It Is:

  1. Do Prospecting first thing in the morning, every day, Monday through Friday. You need to generate SO much business during those morning hours, that it sustains you for the rest of the day, and the rest of the week. And that way you have so much business, you can pick and choose you want to work with – people who want to work on YOUR terms, for YOUR fee, and on YOUR schedule.
  2. Get a Coach. No great feat was accomplished without a coach. The best golf players, the best swimmers, the best football players, soccer, baseball – you name it, the best always have a coach. Michael Phelps has a coach! Why?! Because he needs someone who can see what he CAN’T! And he needs someone to hold him accountable to achieving at a high level. Thinking you can hold yourself accountable is a lie. Nobody does that successfully.
  1. Find an Environment of Activity and Results. Surround yourself with others doing real estate at high level. When you’re environment supports activity, you’re much more likely to be Active as well. Because you know what happens when you get into a LOW activity environment, and you don’t do much activity? It doesn’t look bad! And that’s the kiss of death! Because now you blend right in with all the other mediocre performers, and you’ll achieve at the same level THEY achieve!
  2. Get to Mastery, Quickly. You’ll have to commit to doing whatever it takes, the first 6 months if you’re new to real estate, to really get to Mastery. To learn all the systems, scripts, forms, etc. There is a learning curve. The learning curve is smaller when you’ve got a coach or mentor because they can help you navigate around the icebergs that have sunk so many, and yet there is still a learning curve, and so to get into the activities and closings, you need to be willing to put in this time up front! It will pay off dividends in Exponential Growth in months 7-12 and beyond.
  3. Use Scripts. In sales, you get paid in direct proportion to the questions you ask, and the words that come out of your mouth. Be willing to have every word that comes out of your mouth be scripted – by mastering scripts, questions, dialogues, and objection handlers, you can effectively convert prospects into actual paying clients.
  4. Get a Team. Whether you build your own, or join a real estate team, you will quickly realize that there’s no way you can effectively juggle every part of the real estate process, so do what every highly leverage attorney or doctor does, and surround yourself with others who will take tasks off your plate and help you focus on what you do best and can make the the most money at – sales.

Example Schedule of a High Performing Agent

Success in real estate is all about following a schedule. We provide you with example schedules so that you don’t have to go through the learning curve on your own. You get to see how the top performers spend their time and match it.

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