14 Moves Team Leader Systems

When we say that we want to be a part of “each of the 14 Moves you’ll make in your lifetime”, we want to make sure that we have great systems that put the client first and create an amazing customer service experience.

Ask most leaders what they need most in their business and they’ll say talent. We have systems in place to expose people to your team, show them what we have to offer, and draw them to you. 

If you decide to bring someone on your team, you want to be able to get them set-up, orientated, plugged in, and into production as quickly as possible. After that, you want them to stay engaged and grow. We have systems to set them up for success.

You don’t know it unless you track it. This truth holds true, and thanks to our software system, we put the KPI’s to track your team’s performance in front of you at all times. It’s updated in real time, so you have an up-to-the-minute pulse of your team’s numbers.

Let’s face it. There is a lot of technology out there for agents and those running a real estate team. We are constantly researching what’s out there, picking the best tools for you, and implementing the best systems to streamline the processes for the team leader so that they are set up for success.