The Goerss Real Estate Team

It’s all about you. Everyone has different circumstances, wants, needs and goals that lead them to buy and sell real estate. Our biggest priority is learning about you and why you’re considering a transition. No company is complete without a team of dedicated staff that commits to going the extra mile to ensure each of our clients have a truly amazing experience. We can’t fail to mention that they also keep each of our agents in check!

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us…

The Goerss team is a top notch real estate team. You are taken care of throughout the entire home buying/selling process. David, Mike, and the whole team ensure you are treated with the highest level of care and respect. You will be communicated with throughout the entire process and you can be sure they will make your real estate transaction a smooth one.

Sarah McAdams

I highly recommend The Goerss Real Estate Team to everyone I know and especially friends and family! The client/customer is always first! The team is respectful, professional, timely, caring and pays special attention to all of the details to make each and every step as flawless as possible! Clients for life is a philosophy taken very seriously! I am honored to be a part of such amazing people!

Kellie Tabery

HUGE OPPORTUNITIES HERE! Since joining this team, I have enjoyed instant access to some of the top professionals in our industry. The support staff is amazing and my clients love the experience they have at every point of the transaction. The ability to run my own franchise in the coming years was a HUGE benefit that I believe only this team can offer. 10/10!

Kevin Trana