Welcome to The Goerss Team!

Welcome to 14 Moves Goerss Team. We are a TOP 5 TEAM with Keller Williams in Minnesota for the past 5 years. Contact us today for all of your real estate needs. We will get your home SOLD or help find the BEST home for you.

About The Goerss Team

Why The Goerss Team?

14 Moves Goerss Team knows what it takes to create the best experience for our buyers and sellers every time. Our priority is to sell your house for the most amount of money, in the least amount of time, with the fewest hassles. Our team-based approach of specialists will make sure that your needs are handled with the highest level of service at every step along the way. Our job is to give you an unfair advantage over the other home buyers and sellers in your area! We believe the true key to a successful real estate transaction is expert advice and exceptional execution. When it comes to buying or selling a home, we assign an entire staff of experts who, working together, ensure your moving experience comes off as seamless as possible.

14 Moves Goerss Team’s listing process is time-tested and revolutionary. In preparing to find the buyer for your home, our team completes a level of analysis, preparation and execution that is unparalleled in the industry. The steps in our listing plan guarantee we maximize your homes exposure to get you the absolute most money when selling. Trust in our proven process of making the dream of homeownership a reality with the 14 Moves Goerss Team. Our approach and process will bring clarity, strategy and mutual expectations to accomplish all of your goals in your next home purchase. Contact us today to find out about the 14 Moves Goerss Team difference or to find out about career opportunities with our growing and innovative approach to the real estate!

Keller Mortgage

What is Keller Mortgage?

Keller Williams now has ZERO COST MORTGAGE LOANS! Yes, you read it correctly, zero costs! No origination fees, underwriting fees, processing fees! Close in 30 days, appraisal ordered Day 1, if loan doesn’t close they eat the cost! And every buyer gets $1,000 credit back at close (as long as loan is over $150,000)! This loan is ONLY available if you are a) using a KW agent to buy or b) purchasing a home listed by a KW agent! What’s best is if you are searching for a home on our mobile app, with each property it shows you down to the dollar how much money you will save with Keller Mortgage! First time home buyers, no need to ask for seller paid closing costs! It allows you to write more competitive offers in a sellers market! This is just one of the many ways KW is working on behalf of their agents to provide new technology as we head into the digital era! Gary Keller said it best when he told Brad Inman that the cell phone will become the remote control of our lives! Getting a mortgage is no different!

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