Mastery: The Highest Paid Professionals

Instead of focusing on many things, what if you focused on just a few main things to perfect your craft? How much more quickly would you improve? How much faster could you get to mastering your profession? How much more could you make?

Our systems are designed to take as much off your plate so that you can focus on the main things that will accelerate your career, and allow you to focus on what you love.

Personal and Professional Growth

We are a coaching and training company that happens to be in the business of real estate.

Initial Training

  • 8 Week Orientation
  • 100 Day Action Plan
  • Daily Role Play Practice
  • Playbooks with best scripts and dialogues
  • Video Training Library
  • 14 Moves Certification Process
  • Kinetic Learning systems
  • Shadow Training with Expert Real Estate Agents


Ongoing Coaching and Accountability

  • Weekly 1:1 Coaching Session with Team Leader
  • Weekly Team Meeting
  • BOLD Sales Training Twice per Year
  • Regional Training Events Quarterly
  • National Training Events Twice per Year


We are going to grow you as a person, and when you grow as a person, you grow as a professional.

Focus On What You Love

What if you had to focus on 5 main things? That’s it. Five things. Our goal is to put a high-powered team around you in many of the areas that agents aren’t efficient in so that you can maximize your time and get REALLY GOOD at just those few, most important things.

The Power of Interdependence

Keller Williams Realty changed the real estate industry forever when it introduced its interdependent, agent-centric business model.

At 14 Moves, we uphold the same values and approach to the real estate industry, by always ensuring we are interdependent with our agents.

We are changing the real estate industry, at the Team level, with a truly unique, interdependent model, that gets Agents into production, quickly, and includes agent’s as true business partners.

14 Moves
Expansion Team
Independent Interdependent Dependent
Me Us Them
My Clients Our Clients Their Clients
My Business Our Business Their Business
I do Everything We Work Together
as a Team of Specialists
They Better Do It
I am my own Admin. Instant Admin. Leverage Might have Some Admin.
I pay for everything We share in profits They pay for some stuff
I get a big piece
of a small pie
We each get a bigger piece
of a huge pie
I get part of a piece
of a bigger pie
I rely on my own experience We rely on our experiences across the entire team I rely on one or a few agent’s experiences
1 = 1 1+1 = 5 or more! 1+1 = 2