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4:49 PM CT

And, that’s a wrap on Mega Leadership and Day 3 of Mega Camp! What an energy-packed day full of inspiration!

4:39 PM CT

Kelle has been around since Family Reunion. A few features of Command have just made their debut here at Mega Camp.

One of those that is currently in Labs is a “Sign Snap.” You can put a rider on a sign with a specific code they can text. From there, they will be sent a branded listing page with a call-to-action for them to request a showing.

All of the information related to that lead’s activity on the landing page is then relayed back to you. This increases your speed to lead.

Command will also feature a live chat feature! This will allow teams to communicate effortlessly about transactions, leads and more.

Click here for more on Command and all that it will offer!

4:34 PM CT

The top Kelle skills that Daniel suggests agents take advantage of right now are:

  • Kelle Market Snaps (Tell Kelle, “Show me a market snap” for any area)
  • Listings (Tell Kelle, “Show me my listings”)
  • Local Insights (Tell Kelle, “Show me insights” for any area)
  • Profit Share (Tell Kelle, “Show me my profit share”)
  • Keller Mortgage (Tell Kelle, “Keller Mortgage”)
  • Referrals (Tell Kelle, “Add John Smith to my referral network”)

“This is just the start,” says Daniel. “We’re going to be adding more and more every day.”

4:23 PM CT

Kelle is just one of the tools that our product teams have been building with you through Labs. Here are a few amazing Kelle adoption stats:

  • 91,000 monthly active users
  • 2,300,000+ voice commands
  • 7,000,000+ total interactions

4:05 PM CT

“What do we need to take care of today so that we can own tomorrow?” asks John. “This afternoon, we’re talking tech, tech, tech.”

With that, John welcomes Josh Team to the stage along with Bobby MoatsDaniel Morris and Miguel Bracchini – our rock-star tech team based at KWRI in Austin, Texas.

Daniel worked for IBM and Rackspace and since coming to KW, he’s brought over a product manager from IBM who worked on Watson and other major players in the tech space. “We’re really building a great technology brain trust here at KW,” he says.

3:46 PM CT

Another unexpected moment on the stage at Mega Leadership: Mo Anderson jumping out of a cake (in a … unique outfit) to surprise John for his 50th birthday!

John's Birthday
2:20 PM CT

Little did we know, Mega Leadership would feature ‘The Tonight Show with John Davis’ … Complete with thank-you notes to his panelists!

thank you notes

“Dear Lucas,




I do repeat myself.”

1:52 PM CT

Curious about the true story of Blockbuster vs. Netflix? John recommends the Business Wars podcast on it.

1:44 PM CT

“There’s not another company that is reinventing itself for its people,” says John. “We can be Netflix. We can be Blockbuster. But, mark my words, no company is ever going to tell me that they’re going to take it to us.”

1:29 PM CT

Starting about 10 months ago, we started dealing with forces that we’ve never seen before in our industry. “When things change, you have to respond,” explains John. Recent history can be divided into two periods: The ‘Profit Age’ and the ‘Digital Age.’

“In 2015, the banks started behaving differently,” adds John. “Until 2015, they loaned money because a business was profitable. In 2015, they wanted to see if you were going to be profitable.”

One of the other things Netflix did to change the business world was to pivot the way investors look at profitability from current to future profits by taking into account user base size and levels of adoption.

“We have to grow and we have to adopt our technology,” he says. “We are now competing in the digital age. We are no longer just playing in the profit age. Now is our time to go after growth and adoption.”

1:06 PM CT

Dianna Kokoszka takes the stage at Mega Leadership! “Growth is the only guarantee that we have that tomorrow is going to be better than today,” she says. “We have a person that has brought us the winning play … your President and CEO John Davis!”

John takes the stage! “Today, we’re going to talk about the heat that you’re feeling in your business,” he says. “We have to be real. There are companies out there that like to say, ‘Keller Williams, you’re Blockbuster and we’re Netflix.'”

Blockbuster, though, put profit ahead of innovation and failed to invest to dominate their industry. That is not the case at Keller Williams. As demonstrated over the past several days, we are making huge advances in the technology that will allow all of us to compete and win. We will beat the heat!

12:25 PM CT

Mega Leadership Camp officially starts in just about 30 minutes. There, we’ll hear from KW President and CEO John Davis and other leaders about technology, growth and more!

11:45 AM CT

What our agents are saying on Day 3 of Mega Camp:

11:01 AM CT

One lab leaves the fishbowl and another one comes in!

Mega Camp 2018 is hosting over 20 live labs throughout the week, bringing thousands of ideas into the Labs process. This scale of innovation is unmatched in our industry!

“I have a huge crush on Labs and Kelle,” says Joan Carol of Arlington, Texas. “The fact that you are even ASKING us [our feedback on Kelle] is absolutely wonderful. Just amazing!”

10:55 AM CT

“Overall as a group, how do you feel about the new Kelle skill?” asks Adi. Those in the fishbowl break out in applause (we think they like it!).

“How would you use this skill when it’s available tomorrow?” Adi continues.

One agent wasn’t sure that it would be useful, but then realized that it would be an effective way to see a visual representation of where the holes in his business are. You can literally identify specific geographic areas where you can take territory.

Database mapping could also be a tool within your listing presentation. You can quickly show a client the map and say, “This is every client I work with in your specific neighborhood.”

10:48 AM CT

“What would make this skill more valuable for you?” asks Daniel. One labber says it would be great if Kelle could send a notification if they are in close proximity to a contact. Cool idea!

Another agent mentions a GPS feature where if you are driving somewhere (to an appointment, for example), Kelle could suggest visiting nearby contacts in your database along the way.

10:33 AM CT

An inside look at life inside the KW Labs Fishbowl 🐟




10:18 AM CT

Another use case for this skill is identifying potential geographic farms. If you have a high concentration of existing clients in a specific neighborhood, you can target those areas for door-knocking and other lead generation activities.

10:06 AM CT

Our next lab group has entered the fishbowl! They’ll be continuing to provide their feedback on the prototype on Kelle’s database-mapping feature.

“In a world where you can map your database, how do you see yourself interacting with contacts in your database based on their location?” Daniel Morris asks to a group of labbers.

One common use case for this new skill? Instantly finding all of your contacts within a specific neighborhood. So, for example, you could tell Kelle, “Show me all of my contacts in the Barrington Oaks neighborhood.”

9:38 AM CT

You may be wondering how we’re able to go from ideation to general availability and create a new Kelle skill from scratch in less than a week.

“We have the designers and developers here, listening and actually putting ideas into code in real time,” explains Adi. “We’re using microservices that we already have and we’re building on top of them.”

And, here’s the proof – our development team in action:

Labs Fishbowl

9:26 AM CT

Joe Corcoran of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, spoke with us to share why he thinks you should care about what’s going on in Labs.

“We should all care because I’ve wasted so much money on software and programs that don’t do what I need them to do. [The KW technology] I’ve seen so far … I’ve felt like I designed it. It works for us instead of the other way around.”

Joel Feldman of Ocean City, Maryland, adds, “This is the first live lab I’ve attended and it was a great experience. They really want us to build it. They’re open to any crazy idea you have. They’re like, ‘Yeah, we can do that!'”

9:00 AM CT

That’s a wrap on this lab! We’ll have a few more throughout the day to make even more progress on your new Kelle skill.

At the front of the room, Adi holds up the Inman Innovator award that was given to Kelle. “This award belongs to you. You’re building these skills,” says Adi. “So, thank you so much.”

8:59 AM CT

One agent brought up the idea of giving each contact a score that you can quickly see on the map to be purposeful about who you reach out to. Those who have a lower score might be less likely to respond than those with a higher score.

Another agent jumped in and said that you could have the option of rating each interaction with a client that would contribute to an overall relationship score.

The group has also thrown out a few ideas related to the ways in which you can connect with those in a specific area of the map – for example, sending a video to contacts near a particular listing.

8:53 AM CT

Back in our KW Labs Fishbowl, agents are discussing how they would specifically use this new database-mapping skill.

One agent says that you’ll get calls from clients needing a recommended vendor. He says that keeping a separate vendor list will allow him to identify preferred partners in a specific area.

Another idea for using this skill is to create a radius around a specific local insight and contacting only those near that location. For example, if you are checking out a new restaurant for a happy hour, you can identify those within a mile of the restaurant and send them a text to see if they want to join you.

8:41 AM CT

Another way to stay updated on what’s going on with KW Labs is to watch our Latest in Labs livestream series. This is a livestream broadcast from KWRI headquarters in Austin, Texas, that takes place every other Friday afternoon.

KW tech leaders like Josh Team, Adi Pavlovic, Bobby Moats, and more are answering your questions live and showing demos of what you are building!

8:32 AM CT

If you are curious about what products and features are in what phase of availability, you can take a look at the Labs Dashboard. The goal of our Lab at Mega Camp is that the database map feature will be in General Availability in just a week!

One of the reasons we are now able to move so fast is that we’ve spent the past two years building a solid foundation underneath all of our technology. That’s why we were able to release Referrals in just 90 days and how new Kelle skills like Market Snaps were developed so quickly.

“The work we’ve been doing on the Keller Cloud has allowed us to move at an accelerated pace,” says Daniel.

8:14 AM CT

This morning’s lab will involve small groups of associates looking at and testing a design prototype of this skill:

Demo Screen-012444-edited

“Everything is 100 percent open to change based on your feedback,” Adi adds.

“This skill didn’t exist two days ago,” says Daniel Morris. “We’re moving so fast.”

Facilitators are sitting at each table, walking the agents in the lab through the design, building on the work that was done the past two days of Mega Camp. The first stage of Labs – ideation – involved uncovering the business challenges and imagining the technological solution that would solve it. The second phase – design – consisted of agents sketching out prototypes of what the skill looks like within Kelle.

Agents use a mock-up of a smartphone to literally design their perfect Kelle experience.

8:08 AM CT

Adi Pavlovic and Daniel Morris are leading this morning’s lab.

“We’re doing a fast lab at Mega Camp. We’re going from ideation to general availability within a week,” explains Adi. “We’re having our agents at Mega Camp build a Kelle skill from scratch.”

After coming up with about 40-50 ideas, agents drilled down to a single idea. The skill they decided to build was finding any contact in their database by location. Basically this would allow you to instantly create a map of your database using Kelle.

“When you import your database into Command, you will be able to use Kelle to interact with it,” explains Adi. Everyone at Mega Camp has also been invited to an exclusive Command lab allowing them to test out key features of it.

8:03 AM CT

Day 3 of Mega Agent Camp is about to begin! We’re camping out in the KW Labs Fishbowl and Tech Booth for the morning. Then, John Davis will take the stage this afternoon for Mega Leadership!

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