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5:39 PM CT

Day 2 is a wrap! What an info-packed day. Looking forward to another beautiful day at Mega Camp tomorrow!

5:13 PM CT

Here are a few of our favorite pics from today! 📸

4:37 PM CT

Today’s Tech Mastermind is wrapping up with another Q&A with the room:

Q: What are the team functionalities of Command and SmartPlans?

A: We’re building this technology with he largest and most complex teams in the company. If it works for them, it will likely work with individual agents.

Q: Will Lead Accelerator integrate with the DARE API in Facebook?

A: Send the Labs team feedback that you are looking for that integration and we’ll make sure that we look into getting that built in.

Q: What is being planned for Commercial agents?

A: We have people keyed into all of our divisions and groups to make sure that there is a roadmap in place for them.

Q: What’s being planned as far as training around Command?

A: Everyone throughout our company is thinking like a tech company and will be able to teach all of our associates how to use our technology across the board. From tech ambassadors to KWU faculty to team leaders, everyone will be empowered to teach to our tech.

4:22 PM CT

A few examples of what agents felt was missing from SmartPlans:

  • Pause feature
  • Time of day restrictions
  • Record video
  • Event invite / RSVP

These answers will go back into Labs and be used to make SmartPlans and Command better!

4:05 PM CT

Right now, SmartPlans are set up to automatically send emails, postcards or launch an ad. You can also drag and drop reminders such as making a phone call, sending a text or installing a yard sign into your SmartPlan.

“What are we missing?” asks Bobby Moats, referencing the different components in a SmartPlan.

The mastermind is now determining what further ‘building blocks’ should be added in.

3:59 PM CT

SmartPlans work for marketing, recruiting and any other tasks. No matter the business task, SmartPlans can help free up your time and automate the specific activities you do every day.

The Mastermind is now breaking to talk about how SmartPlans can help solve their current business challenges.

At one table, agents were brainstorming how SmartPlans will integrate with social media and how certain posts would be treated through Facebook and other social algorithms. Additionally, they are determining how print marketing could be incorporated into a SmartPlan to make marketing a listing hassle-free.

For one agent, incorporating video is crucial in his marketing plan, so tying that into a SmartPlan is key.

3:37 PM CT

The mastermind is now voting on their number one business challenge:

Mastermind Poll-195093-edited

Business automation and follow-up systems won the vote as the number one business challenge. So we’ll be diving into SmartPlans, which is an automation tool within Command. SmartPlans allow you to automate certain tasks – from marketing campaigns to onboarding – to minimize the amount of manual work involved in your business.

Because SmartPlans are backed by deep analytics, you’ll be able to understand which plans convert at the highest level and use only proven plans in your business.

3:21 PM CT

The Q&A with Josh Team continues:

Q: Will there be a leadership version of Command?

A: Yes, there will be.

Q: How are we going to merge our contact information from eEdge to Command?

A: We’re working on autoimport functionalities for eEdge and other platforms.

Building this technology is a partnership with our agents and it is our unique culture that allows us to fail forward with our technology. “I want to thank all of you guys for being such amazing partners,” says Josh.

3:08 PM CT

Josh Team is now hosting an open Q&A.

Q: Will the current KW consumer-facing app be integrated into our systems?

A: One day in Q1 in 2019, there will be an update to the KW app. It will be a seamless switch and you won’t lose anything.

Q: How long before Command has the capabilities of some of the larger CRMs?

A: Many of our larger teams will be moving over to Command later this year. There will be gaps still.

Q: Will there be a curriculum put together for training on these systems?

A: The challenge is creating training that evolves in time with the tech. That’s why we are working on delivering 24/7 livestream training. That way, we can keep up with our current velocity.

Q:  What’s the proposed rollout through Family Reunion?

A: Our agents decide what we build and when we roll it out. We are estimating that by the end of October we’ll be able to move some of our bigger teams fully into Command.

Q: How will Gmail integrate into the Keller Cloud?

A: Command is fully integrated with Gmail and the Google Suite.

2:49 PM CT

We’re sitting in on the Tech Masterminds session! Leading it is KW’s director of agent labs, Bobby Moats. The goal of this session is to problem solve around big business challenges – not just tech challenges. The reason why it’s so important for us to understand these challenges is that we are working on building technology that directly tackles them head on.

12:00 PM CT

And that’s a wrap on Mega Agent Camp! Everyone here has exclusive access to a Command lab where they will be asked to test some of the features outlined in today’s presentation.

If all goes well in Labs, here is the tentative plan for releasing Command into general availability:

Command Labs

11:55 AM CT


Innovation is also improving the way in which we collaborate and learn from each other. “Our goal is to remove burdens of communication,” explains Josh Team. The next phase of Connect will be a total integrated dashboard for learning and working with your team and Keller Williams as a whole.

“If LinkedIn, Facebook and Slack had a baby and sent it to real estate school, this is what it would look like,” Josh adds.

11:47 AM CT


Command is simplifying and consolidating the entire real estate transaction. From eliminating the need for greensheets to providing templates for multiple offers, Command will save you the time and energy when managing a transaction from contract to close.

11:38 AM CT

A few reactions from the audience on some of the new features we’re seeing demoed on stage:

“Game-changer! Talk about simplifying and unifying the consumer and agent experience! A true unified place to work! Reduce the money spent on multiple systems and increase productivity with these tools! Mind blown!”

– Jay Cermak

“I am so excited to see how simple our daily tasks will become in marketing our listings, doing listing presentations, getting pricing strategies for listings and managing our referrals. I keep asking myself why anyone would want to be with any other real estate company?”

– Gaye Ribble

“MIND BLOWN! It was validation for me that the top agents on the panel are doing the same thing as me. Using different vendors / sources that don’t communicate with each other. I’m most excited about all the money I am going to save.”

– Kent Temple

“The new features of Command are utterly impressive even to the most techy agents, and yet user-friendly so that every level of agent can use them. Even better is that they were developed by us (agents) with agent uses in mind so that we actually save hours of time in our businesses. I’m so pumped.”

– Matt Templeton

Sean Goerss@seangoerss

“We become untouchable.” – Josh Team on layering @kwri Labs with our Local Agent knowledge like our @14Moves agents!

11:27 AM CT


You can now add specific local insights around a business, home, park or any place within Kelle!

Just open up Kelle and type or say, “Add an insight.” From there, you can select what type of insight you’d like to add and fill in all the details. It’s as simple as that.

To view insights for a specific area or neighborhood, just open up Kelle and type or say, “View insights.”


11:17 AM CT


Kelle Market Snaps are now shareable! Try it out right now. Download Kelle, log in and text or say ‘snap.’ You’ll then be able to share the snap via text, email or however you want.

share kelle snap

Agents are already using Kelle Market Snaps to win more business.

11:11 AM CT


We’re working on bringing a next-level listing presentation experience into Labs. This will allow you to focus more on what you say in the presentation rather than working on gathering data. Instantly create a fully custom presentation that combines historical data of a specific property and comparable properties within that exact neighborhood.

11:08 AM CT

“When we bring these kind of experiences into Labs and you bring your ingenuity and real estate expertise and layer it on top of it, you become untouchable.” – Josh Team

11:00 AM CT


Another feature built into Command is a marketing and campaign builder similar to Canva. This feature, however, is fully customized to your business and has access to the KWLS. That means your photos, branding and more at the touch of the button.

Instantly create social media imagery, print mail campaigns, landing pages and more.

“We used to have go into MailChimp and replicate a market update email 32 times,” says Ty Voyles. “It would take our marketing director all day long. Now we can do that with Command in less than 10 minutes.”

10:44 AM CT


The first piece of technology we’re looking at that has been developed through Labs is the Command dashboard. This is the fully customizable front page of Command that provides all the need-to-know information at a glance including tasks, a leaderboard, and any contacts you need to connect with.

This dashboard was the results of hours of debates and conversations in Labs, pulling together the needs of agents and the challenges they face with their current technology solutions.

10:33 AM CT

When it comes to technology today, manual input, substantial price tags and numerous, disconnected systems is the name of the game.

Luckily, you’re building something better through Labs. Labs is how we are partnering in order to solve all of the challenges outlined by our panel. And, because we’re working hand-in-hand with agents, we’re able to quickly identify problems and solve them.

“The faster we’re wrong, the faster we’re right together,” says Josh Team.

Below represents the units, GCI and volume represented by our total Labs participants:

Labs Screen

10:27 AM CT

When it comes to managing deals and transactions, top agents are cobbling together a variety of systems. “We use Trello quite extensively,” says Lance. “The challenge is that it doesn’t integrate with any other systems.” And before Trello, he used Excel spreadsheets. “It’s extremely cumbersome,” says Lance. “Copy and paste, copy and paste, copy and paste.”

“There’s a lot of auditing involved,” adds Ty Voyles. Currently, Ty uses one system to manage the transaction and another for contracts and another for digital signatures. The result is a substantial price tag and several people going in and manually syncing the data between systems.

10:17 AM CT

When it comes to managing referrals, many agents have struggled in the past – from finding a qualified agent to refer your client to to checking in to ensure the transaction is handled effectively.

“There’s a Facebook mafia,” explains Aaron Armstrong. “It’s not based on merit. One thing we love about the referrals platform is that there’s transparency. It’s simplified the process.”

“The person that is going to do a really good job on your referral is probably not trolling Facebook,” says Sarah Reynolds. “For me, the referrals platform has solved a lot in terms of trusting a person with the referral.”

“Referrals is fantastic,” says Ty Voyles. “We’re able to find the right agent but we’re not able to track the referral from contract to close. That piece is something that we’re still working on.”

“That’s why Labs is Labs,” adds Lance Loken. “We want to work on the problem from now until infinity.”

10:06 AM CT

Sarah Reynolds toggles between Canva, Photoshop, MailChimp and other services to manage her marketing program. “It’s a time-suck,” she explains. “All the time that goes into this [creating marketing assets] could be used to grow our business.”

Sarah’s problem is not unique. That’s why a Lab was created around this business challenge in order to ensure KW’s technology is as efficient as possible so that you can spend more time doing what you do best – selling real estate.

10:02 AM CT

Josh Team is hosting a panel featuring those who have been deeply involved in the Labs process and in developing many aspects of our new technology.

First, Josh is exploring how these agents are currently using technology and the challenges they face. Right now, both Ty Voyles and Lance Loken spend north of six figures on their CRM systems. And, even with the high price tag, they experience a fair amount of challenges using their respective systems.

For example, Lance Loken finds it difficult to track ROI and create custom templates for each contact in his database.

9:50 AM CT

A few comments from our agents and KW leaders in the audience on this morning’s presentation:

“Keller Williams is on a path to take massive market share! Disruption Amazon style!”

– Lance Loken

“I am excited for what is happening with the KW Labs experience. The consumer experience is won at a local level. At KW, every agent has a voice and the power to build the best technology, which will enable them to deliver the best experience this industry has ever offered.”

– Laura Thompson

“Someone owns the data … Please name who you trust to keep it!”

– James Hern

“Gary and team are building us a platform that is a blessing for our businesses and clients. I love that Gary is fighting for our jobs! He is not taking the easy road and I appreciate his dedication. We all need to pitch in and help test the platform. This is a blessing!”

– Laura Gillott

“I’m not worried because I’M WITH GARY!”

– Sarah Reynolds

9:33 AM CT

Other companies may say that they are Netflix. Our goal is not to be Netflix. “Our goal is for YOU to be Netflix,” says Gary.

That means offering a personalized, instantaneous consumer experience that gives you real-time insights into your client (such as what homes they are looking at on your app and for how long).

In order for you to provide an end-to-end platform for your clients, we’re also working on developing a suite of services for you to offer them starting with Keller Mortgage.

9:23 AM CT

The consumer experience – from voyeurism and search to contract and close to ownership – is still a battle that is being fought. We believe that our reinvented consumer experience is going to give you an unmatched value proposition to help you compete and win.

“I am fighting for your business,” explains Gary. “I’ve been in the business for 40 years. I’m not going away.”

9:17 AM CT

Now that the foundation has been built, we’re able to move really fast. An example of this is our referrals platform that was created in about 90 days.

“We wanted to create a platform so that no matter what anyone did, we are able to copy them in about 60 to 90 days,” explains Josh Team. “We’re testing how fast we can go from idea to release.” This speed is being brought to both Command and Connect, allowing us to develop new features and functionalities at an unprecedented pace.

9:06 AM CT

Several years ago, we started building the foundation of the Keller Cloud (Big Data) and our AI platform. The reason we did this is because it’s how you can provide the best consumer experience possible in the face of other companies seeking to disrupt the agent and consumer relationship.

“This is a moment in history when who you associate with makes all the difference. The industry itself is being fought over,” says Gary.

8:57 AM CT

Another battle happening within the fourth industrial revolution is who is ‘going deep’ rather than ‘going wide’ when it comes to AI. Those that develop artificial intelligence that focuses on a very specific vertical or industry will have unmatched understanding and insights in that area.

That’s where Kelle comes in.

8:50 AM CT

“You are the real estate industry,” says Gary. “We are not the real estate industry. We are your partners.”

“You pay us to do a job and we wake up every day and we love working for you and we take it very seriously,” he adds. Many other real estate companies and startups are not privately held. That means that they are influenced by outside forces such as venture capitalist groups that believe that there is profit in disintermediating the real estate transaction.

Right now, there is only one company that is poised to thrive in this new environment and is privately held. (Hint: it’s YOU!)

8:40 AM CT

The challenge that individual real estate agents and companies have is that individually, they don’t have enough data to access meaningful insights.

That’s why it’s critical for agents to make a choice as to whose data they want to plug into and who owns their data. This is one of the reasons why Keller Williams has evolved into a technology company – so that you can benefit from our collective datapower while keeping your data out of the hands of competitors.

8:35 AM CT

Right now, there is a battle going on in literally every industry there is. And that battle is between who can accumulate the most data and use artificial intelligence to pull insights from it.

Many in real estate have been caught flat-footed on this issue. While they may have a significant amount of data, much of it is disconnected.

“The blessing that Keller Williams has in all of this is profit share. We had to have all that data to make sure everything was done in the proper way,” explains Gary. Because of that, we had much of the infrastructure in place to pull data together and gain insights from it.

8:28 AM CT

“You and I are building our businesses right now in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution,” says Gary. “This is transcendent change that is fixing to happen.”

As part of our company, you are uniquely positioned to thrive in this time of change because of the amount of connected, AI-powered data available to you in the Keller Cloud. And, big data and AI are what is driving the fourth industrial revolution.

8:15 AM CT

Gary Keller, Josh Team, and Bobby Moats take the stage! And, Gary has got his flip chart – watch out! We’re so excited to hear about the latest developments in the technology that YOU are building through the Labs process.

Earlier this year, we announced that we were evolving into technology company. What does it mean to be a technology company? First, it means that you don’t outsource your strategy. It also means that you own the data and the insights associated with it.

For the first part of today’s session, Gary is going to explain what it means for Keller Williams to be a technology company, what we’re working on building and why that’s critical for your business.

8:10 AM CT

Thousands of Keller Williams associates from around the world are joining us this week in Austin for Mega Camp! Yesterday was an amazing display of individuals who are fiercely building their businesses at our company. Talk about a massive learning opportunity!

8:03 AM CT

Day 2 of Mega Agent Camp is about to begin! Gary Keller, Josh Team, and other KW leaders will be talking tech today.

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