Career Opportunities In Sales

Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Agent On A 14 Moves Team?

Our award-winning real estate teams are seeking dynamic, career-minded, full-time sales people who want to make more money and have a fulfilling life!

There’s a whole lot of money in the real estate marketplace right now — ripe for those who are GREAT in sales. You can also return home at the end of each day and live a counter-balanced life.

So what makes us so different? What makes these roles so appealing? See for yourself by exploring below:

Whether you want to be an agent the rest of your life, or whether you want to explore other leadership, management, growth, and ownership opportunities, our goal is to show you a path and a plan to wherever you want you career in real estate to take you.

The purpose of your work is to fund the perfect life! At 14 Moves, we take this to heart. It’s why we do what we do.

Our systems are not just some flash in the pan. The foundation of 14 Moves dates back 40+ years. We know real estate. We’ve been around each market shift. We know how to adjust in the best times and the hardest times.

This long history allows us to take the best of what’s current, and stack it on top of time-tested principals, best practices, and a foundation of success.

Instead of focusing on many things, what if you focused on just a few main things to perfect your craft? How much more quickly would you improve? How much faster could you get to mastering your profession? How much more could you make?

Our systems are designed to take as much off your plate so that you can focus on the main things that will accelerate your career, and allow you to focus on what you love.

Our agents show up much differently than the “average” agent. It all begins with mindset and surrounding yourself with people that will push you to the next mountain top.

We’re competitive, fast-pasted, achievers, dreamers, goal-oriented, results-driven and ready to change the way real estate is done!

Without successful agents we don’t have successful teams. We take a wholistic approach to make sure that your goals are clear, your progress is closely monitored, and you have the accountability needed, so that you can break through ceilings of achievement and live a life worth living.

A large contributor to Keller Williams’ success is its’ profit share system. No need to reinvent the wheel. We’ve designed our profit share system to reward those that contribute to the growth of 14 Moves. We’re the first real estate team to model their system so closely to that of KW.

Whether you are a new agent or current agent, we have covered many of the questions you may be wondering about. We also cover when it probably isn’t a fit for us to work together, as well as a little bit about our lead generation. Have a question we haven’t covered? Let us know!

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