The Professional way to Buy a Home

From just browsing, to move in day, use a 14 Moves professional-grade agent to guide and inform you through the process.

You get to the Best Deals, first

The best deals go quickly.

Because of our unique team-based approach to real estate, each 14 Moves agent has the time and energy to focus on getting you to the best deals, first.

You’ll often get there within 1-2 hours of a house coming on the market, so you can beat out other buyers to the home that’s right for you, for the best possible price

Instant Notification Technology

Most public websites, even the well-known ones, have a delay of 2-48 hours.

Instead, 14 Moves agents have unique, back-door access to an Instant Notification system that will notify you within 60 seconds of a new property coming on the market.

That means you find the best home, quickly, and get there before most other buyers, or even agents, find out about them.

Expert Negotiating

Often overlooked, an agent’s negotiation skills can cost, or save you, thousands and thousands of dollars.

Each 14 Moves agent has been professionally trained in the art of negotiation and follows a 7 Step Negotiating Process to ensure you get the home you want, with the best price and terms possible.