The Systems You Get Partnering With 14 Moves

We strive to make things as simple as possible. That doesn’t mean that things are easy, yet when you partner with us, we bring a set of systems around 4 core service areas.

Client Systems

When we say that we want to be a part of “each of the 14 Moves you’ll make in your lifetime”, we want to make sure that we have great systems that put the client first and create an amazing customer service experience.

Agent Systems

When an agent comes on one of our teams, we want to make that we supercharge their productivity. Therefore, we implement key systems to market them and their properties, manage their technology, and ultimately enhance their success.

Team Leader Systems

Our systems and models are designed to grow and maintain large teams. Therefore, having a set of systems that ensures the team leader is able to recruit, train, and manage their team at a high level is crucial for the health and growth of the team.

Owner Systems

Our owner systems provide our franchisee the flexibility to be in their business as much as they choose to be. With the leverage that we can provide, it allows them the opportunity to have systems to manage multiple locations, areas, and regions to create the empire they want to build.